2013 Coldwell Banker Denver Century Ride Training Plan


Thank you for your trust in Optimize Endurance Services. You have taken a step to ensure an event day filled with joys of reaching new goals for yourself. The structured training presented in this plan is the key to improved performance. Please read below for the 2013 Denver Century Ride training plan download instructions.

Download the General Plan Detailed Description Document outlining the plan, this document contains important plan details.

Please consider scheduling a Lactate Threshold test. The individual physiological data provided from this test will dial in training zones for heart rate, pace and power. We feel this test is important for getting the maximum benefit out of the workouts provided in the plan.

This plan is provided to you via an online interface called TrainingPeaks. To get started these steps need to be followed:

Once again, thank you for your purchase.

Please contact Coach Adam Fivehouse with questions about the above process and to discuss your training plan.

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