2013 Mountain Bike Team Member Contract

  • Mission

    It is the mission of Team Optimize Endurance Services to foster the enjoyment of riding and racing mountain bikes by: bringing new riders to the sport, connecting with our community, cultivating a competitive spirit and promoting our sponsors.

  • Contract

    This contract is a legal and binding agreement from date of submission until, December 31st 2013. Please read below and complete the required fields for submission of this contract. Membership begins January 1st 2013.

    Member’s responsibility to OES:

    • Keep in contact with the team. E-mail through the use of Google Groups will be the source of most communication, team rides and the team website www.optimizeendurance.com
    • Volunteer for trail days, race set up/take down, etc. that OES organizes through the year. Goal of 10hrs per person.

    OES’s responsibility to members:

    • Maintain a contact list for all members’ to help facilitate communication, Google Groups
    • Post team rides on the OES Rides page of the OES website
    • Maintain members’ bios on OES website
  • Policies Regarding Membership

  • The Legal Stuff

    IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties have executed this Agreement on the dates set forth above to be effective as of the latest date set forth above.

    Optimize Endurance Services Team Manager, Rob Lockey

  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY

  • BikeSource

    Expectations of a BikeSource Sponsored Athlete

    Welcome to BikeSource, as a sponsored athlete there are many expectations that you must understand in order for this relationship to maintain healthy. Being a sponsored athlete is more than training and racing. You are an ambassador for yourself, your team, and your sponsor. BikeSource expects you to maintain a friendly and professional attitude towards your fellow team members, race venues, racers, BikeSource store’s, and the people you come in contact with while on your bike.

    Your attitude is very important in making this relationship work. BikeSource is a retail sponsor that offers a considerable amount of support. We service all types of repairs, offer valuable bike fitting and consultations, and sell a wide variety of products necessary to keep you and your racing going.

    Since we are a retail store, we have obligations to take care of every customer. Sponsored athletes must understand that we consider you a customer. All sponsored athletes must introduce themselves and Optimize Endurance Services every time they are in contact with a staff of BikeSource. The staff of BikeSource is always growing and we want to remember your names, bikes, goals, and achievements. We will do everything possible to make sure that you are promptly getting taken care of.

    We have a highly desirable service center; therefore it will be hard at times to get a last minute repair taken care of. We suggest normal maintenance should be called in at least two to three weeks in advance. Pressing issues like a last minute wheel build or a disc brake bleed should be called in for evaluation immediately. These put added pressures on our service center and its staff which is already overbooked and taking care of customers on a first come first serve basis. This does not mean they will not get you taken care of, but you must understand that they will need added support and enthusiasm to make it happen. Attitude is everything, if you come in demanding your wheels gets built now, then it will not get built quickly. If you come in pleading for help and offering gifts of inspiration then you will get quickly pulled through to the front. Note; some of your bikes may not be what we carry and therefore we may not have the appropriate parts to get them working. Many rear suspension linkages are very specific and we are not able to work on them effectively.

    Your race season is our busiest season; we need all the help we can from you. There will be times where we have created a relationship with you; and though you feel like you should be taken care of promptly, we may not be able to because we are knee deep in other customers. We as a retail store strive to make sure that every “customer” is taken care of in as quick of a manner as possible. Please be patient with us and we will fulfill all your cycling needs.

    We at BikeSource wish you the best in 2013.

  • Athlete Bio Information for Website Posting

    Please use this section of the form to supply OES with the data for posting on the team website space. Please be concise with your answers as the space for each bio will have some limitations. Completion of the information below will go to me as the moderator and then I can easiy post it to the team page for 2013. Look below for an example of what I’m looking for.
  • i.e. win my category in XXXX series, or complete my first XXXX, or get a personal best of XXXX
  • Please list in order by date, name of event. If race has already past, list placing.
  • Can consist of your occupation, family, hobbies, etc. This is the area where you need to be concise, but not just "I enjoy cycling." Just tell people about whom you are and what you get out of your sport or even life.
  • Photo must be at least 300px wide and File size must be less than 1MB.
  • Example Bio

    1. Rob Lockey
    2. 42
    3. Single Speed
    4. Lifetime cyclist, last 16 years XC MTB
    5. Complete the Breck-EPIC faster than I did in 2011
    6. July B-68, August Breck-EPIC
    7. Rob enjoys spending time with his wife Elaine, who is a pillar of support for his endeavors in his career and his joy of cycling. Rob most recently finished his sixteenth year racing mountain bikes and placed fourth in the RME SS category as well as 3rd in the B-100 and 8th at the marathon nationals. GO OES!

    Thank you for taking the time to complete this important step in being a 2013 Optimize Endurance Services MTB Team Member. Click submit below, and wait for the page to redirect to the OES Thank You page. If this form stays you'll need to scroll up and find the required field(s) you may have missed.