Training Articles

How to Achieve Your Best Race Results – The Smart Way

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned athlete looking to improve your race times, peaking at your race is a satisfying way to complete a race or season of races. Although genetics can help athletes, efficient and structured training will ensure that you are reaching your full potential on the course. Often we believe… Read More

Spring Training on Your Mind?

Looking outside at the snow makes it hard to believe that as of March 1st the Triple Bypass is 19 weeks away. It’s time to get moving on your spring training. Several things should be happening this time of year to prepare you for the long hours in the saddle doing centuries, tours and even… Read More

Great Expectations

As winter turns to spring, and trainer miles turn to road miles, we find ourselves having to resist the urge to blow off our structured training in order to spend every sunny hour on the road. “More miles can’t hurt”, is our typical justification. But quickly our rational selves usually get the best of us… Read More

Transitions: A Time for Recovery

Transition is a topic usually left for the few minutes at the end of a long discussion about periodization. By definition the word means passage from one condition to another. For an athlete the shift from training to racing can be one transition and another can be racing to training. As the seasons come and… Read More

Getting Ready for your First Tri

If you are reading this then you are probably already involved in some considerably challenging workouts and endurance events. You know as an endurance athlete the rewards and benefits of cross training. Or maybe you’ve been a cyclist for a while and have been considering a new challenge. Whatever your reason for considering the challenge… Read More

Get More Out of Carbohydrates

Heading out on the bike, jersey pockets stuffed with gels, chews and bars, bottle filled with a favorite sports drink-you plot a course for the hills. As you get settled into the ride and start to consume the tasty treasures, conversion of food into usable fuel for the body begins. Have you ever questioned whether… Read More

Finish Strong!

The summer event season is well underway. Whether it’s one bike tour, multiple running races or a triathlon series, it may be time to dial in training. To attain goals set for these events, coaching and physiology testing can help guide competitors and everyday athletes. The process of training from data retrieved from a test… Read More

Prepare for Successful Climbing

Turn that mountain into a molehill. Many cyclists mentally increase the size of a climb and let it tower over them, when a few simple processes can make the ascent more pleasant. Mental preparation brings about a toughness that will help you perform better. Having an understanding of the elevation gained over the distance to… Read More

Earn Those Saddle Sores: Longer Duration Cycling

Cyclists are headlong into the spring season with longer daylight hours and more favorable temperatures for outdoor riding, along with fierce headwinds. This combination stokes a strong desire to release our bikes from the constraints of the indoor trainer and let it run free to seek out longer and longer durations. This newly liberated steed… Read More

Start a Food Journal and Watch Your Endurance Grow

Our society is wrought with symbols of it to the point of worship. It is our sustenance, nourishment, fuel, energy, calories along with countless other words to describe it. Food. Call it whatever you want, but the revolution of production in the food industry has created a bounty like no other in history. With such… Read More