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The Art of Recovery

In the search for gains in performance, most recreational athletes put the greatest emphasis on the training portion of the equation and rightfully so. After all, if we don’t train we can’t expect to get any faster. But as coaches, we know that training is only a small part of the bigger picture. Your training… Read More

Looking to Drop a Few Pounds?

As cyclists, we’re a weight obsessed bunch. After all, we have to fight the force of gravity a lot with all of the beautiful hills we have here in Colorado. We lust over the latest and greatest in modern technology, always counting grams. Often, we’re willing to plunk down a lot of cash on something… Read More

Nutrition Basics

As a coach, the questions I’m asked most (other than “How do I get faster at X”) revolve around nutrition. Some questions revolve around weight loss but most often folks just want to know what to eat in order to be stronger on the bike and avoid the dreaded “bonk”. Often the answers boil down… Read More

Be Well…Fed

Not only can you be fit, well trained, healthy and ready for an event, you can also be prepared in how to supply your body with the correct nutrition for life and activity. Many event participants show up only two-thirds prepared for the days adventure, thinking about food for the event just the day before…. Read More

Get More Out of Carbohydrates

Heading out on the bike, jersey pockets stuffed with gels, chews and bars, bottle filled with a favorite sports drink-you plot a course for the hills. As you get settled into the ride and start to consume the tasty treasures, conversion of food into usable fuel for the body begins. Have you ever questioned whether… Read More

Start a Food Journal and Watch Your Endurance Grow

Our society is wrought with symbols of it to the point of worship. It is our sustenance, nourishment, fuel, energy, calories along with countless other words to describe it. Food. Call it whatever you want, but the revolution of production in the food industry has created a bounty like no other in history. With such… Read More

Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR): The Power of Data Capture

With fall upon us and the long days of summer waning, the amount of time to train will change for most of us. This means less time on the bike with possible indoor activities that may not use the same amount of energy. A reduction in energy expenditure per day can happen due to the… Read More

Wetter is Better: Proper Hydration for Increased Performance

As the sun finally decides to take up residence in our hemisphere this summer, the many outdoor activity seekers are inclined to live in a dehydrated state while trying to improve their athletic abilities. This is not a safe way to play. To illustrate, I present the scenario of Joe Athlete, an avid Colorado cyclist…. Read More