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As the Flywheel Spins

Darkness is starting to cramp the day’s daylight now, a fact made that much more evident by the falling back of the clock. This usually means more cyclists have to turn their attention to cycling indoors. So, the trials and tribulations of the spin bike can begin. As a cycling coach, I hear the gamut… Read More

Preparing for a Rainy Day

You’ve probably noticed a recurring theme lately while preparing for your late afternoon ride…Rain! To say the recent moisture is a welcome sight for our state after a dry and dusty summer is an understatement. But don’t let it dampen your training as you put the final touches on your fitness for those end of… Read More

What to Do After a Crash

If you’ve been watching this year’s Tour de France you know that, so far, the race has been defined by big crashes and injuries. As the news of a crash crackles over the race radio, team mechanics and doctors prep themselves in the follow car. Their aim is to check over the rider and their… Read More

Core Stability and Balance for Cyclists Revisited

This article is an addition to an earlier article titled, Core Stability and Balance for Cyclists. In the previous article I discussed the following core stability moves: planks, hip lifts, hip lift with knee extension, floor back extensions and oblique crunch. I would like to introduce two more core stability moves that increase the intensity… Read More

Core Stability and Balance for Cyclists

Disclaimer: The exercises and drills introduced below are for general illustration purposes only and are not recommended to any athlete not under the clearance of a medical provider and guidance of a qualified coach. If you would like persoanl instruction in these exercises and drills, we recommend you schedule a consultation session with an Optimize… Read More