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An Athlete’s Chemical Affair: Lactate as a Fuel

As the science of sport evolves, coaches like me must learn to adapt to the new thoughts on how the human body reacts to exercise. In the not so distant past it was believed that lactate caused the muscles to stop working…brought on fatigue…and an athlete wouldn’t be able to do anymore work once they… Read More

Presentation of a Shift in Lactate Threshold over a Training Season

In the current state of endurance training and technology, data is a major factor to assist with performance improvements. For future analysis of performance gains, a coach should consider getting a starting point or baseline of the client. The information gathered can set the tone for where to focus the bulk of heart rate and/or… Read More

Finish Strong!

The summer event season is well underway. Whether it’s one bike tour, multiple running races or a triathlon series, it may be time to dial in training. To attain goals set for these events, coaching and physiology testing can help guide competitors and everyday athletes. The process of training from data retrieved from a test… Read More

Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR): The Power of Data Capture

With fall upon us and the long days of summer waning, the amount of time to train will change for most of us. This means less time on the bike with possible indoor activities that may not use the same amount of energy. A reduction in energy expenditure per day can happen due to the… Read More