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Making the Leap: What it takes to go from riding 50 Miles to riding 100 Miles

Many of today’s organized rides, like the Coldwell Banker Denver Century Ride, offer a multitude of different routes and distances to cater to all types of riders and ability levels. A lot of first time event riders gravitate towards the half century option to test their fitness. Once they’ve conquered the 50 mile mountain so… Read More

The Art of Recovery

In the search for gains in performance, most recreational athletes put the greatest emphasis on the training portion of the equation and rightfully so. After all, if we don’t train we can’t expect to get any faster. But as coaches, we know that training is only a small part of the bigger picture. Your training… Read More

Periodized Training: The Build Phase

When training for an endurance-specific event like a century or metric century, a cyclist will need to go through several phases of training leading up to the event. The physical and mental demands of a long, tough ride are such that attention paid to proper planning and performing certain types of workouts will make for… Read More

Looking to Drop a Few Pounds?

As cyclists, we’re a weight obsessed bunch. After all, we have to fight the force of gravity a lot with all of the beautiful hills we have here in Colorado. We lust over the latest and greatest in modern technology, always counting grams. Often, we’re willing to plunk down a lot of cash on something… Read More

Go Slow to Get Fast

When people ask me how to get faster on the bike my first response (other than to hire a coach!) is to ride slower. This is often met with a perplexing look, as if I was making it up. I’ll admit that it does sound counter-intuitive, ride slower to get faster, but there are sound… Read More

As the Flywheel Spins

Darkness is starting to cramp the day’s daylight now, a fact made that much more evident by the falling back of the clock. This usually means more cyclists have to turn their attention to cycling indoors. So, the trials and tribulations of the spin bike can begin. As a cycling coach, I hear the gamut… Read More

Preparing for a Rainy Day

You’ve probably noticed a recurring theme lately while preparing for your late afternoon ride…Rain! To say the recent moisture is a welcome sight for our state after a dry and dusty summer is an understatement. But don’t let it dampen your training as you put the final touches on your fitness for those end of… Read More

What to Do After a Crash

If you’ve been watching this year’s Tour de France you know that, so far, the race has been defined by big crashes and injuries. As the news of a crash crackles over the race radio, team mechanics and doctors prep themselves in the follow car. Their aim is to check over the rider and their… Read More

A Mid Summer’s Day Event Preparation: Be Ready For The Big Day

Preparation for a race or event can have many facets. Some preparation should have started months in advance and some takes place the morning of the event. The trick to it all is finding the type and extent of preparation that works best for you. This takes practice, practice, practice and should be done each… Read More

Stay Cool – Tips for Training and Competing in the Heat

25% – The efficiency of the human body to convert energy from food to work while riding a bike. In other words, only one out of every four calories we eat goes towards pedaling us down the road. The remaining 75% is largely released as heat. Heat generated through the metabolic pathways required to turn… Read More