Coaching Consultation Appointment

Time spent one-on-one with an OES coach can be a very valuable use of time. Thank you for reaching out a coach for assistance. This appointment requires some ‘homework’ on your end to help get the wheels rolling for the consult. Please prepare the following information to send to the coach (use email links below) prior to your appointment.

  • Write out what it is that you want to use the coaches time for, examples could be
    • Skills training on the Bike, in the pool or on the run
    • Feedback on training you have done up to this point
      • Supply the data that you have and the goals you are seeking
    • Seek advice on various training topics and or goals
    • Plan out a season for endurance improvement, nutrition improvement
    • Design your own type of session
  • Use the email links below to reach out to the OES coach you desire to work with:

Not sure how to proceed, please either use the phone numbers listed above or contact us.