Coaching Consultation

Time spent one-on-one with an OES coach can be a very valuable use of time. Use this service to seek advice on many items; from training plan design to skills of your specific endurance sport. Contact the coach that you think will be able to provide you with the answers you are looking for and purchase sessions of their time.

Coaching Consultation sessions can include:

  • Understanding of training plan design of one of the many OES plans or another coaches
  • Train one-on-one with a coach for the time session you purchase
  • Design your own type of session
  • Specific skill set training for:
    • Cycling/MTB
    • Running/Ultras
    • Triathlon/swimming/transitions

Coaching Consultation Session Price and Scheduling

One Hour Coaching Consultation $80.00
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If you want more than one hour, you can schedule additional hours once in the scheduling area found in the link above