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Bod Pod

Body Fat vs. Muscle Mass
A scale can’t tell the difference BodPod
Body Composition Tracking System

What is the BodPod?
The BodPod Body Composition Tracking System is based on the same principle as underwater weighing, the accepted gold standard for measuring body composition. The only device of its type in the world, the BodPod uses a patented air displacement technology to provide highly accurate results more quickly and easily than the dunk tank. Best of all, no one gets wet!

The BodPod test
A BodPod test is quick and easy. First, the person is weighed. Then he or she enters the BodPod and sits comfortably during three brief forty-second measurement periods. The BodPod uses computerized pressure sensors to determine the amount of air displaced by the person’s body (larger people displace more air than smaller people). This is repeated to ensure accurate results. A complete test, with printed results, can be done in less than five minutes. Best of all, it’s so easy for the person being tested!

Bod Pod

Why use the BodPod?
Many methods, including bioelectrical impedance and skinfold calipers, have reported error rates of up to 8%. What this means is that if you have a body fat level of 20%, an inaccurate method could indicate your body fat as low as 12% or as high as 28%. It’s no surprise that methods such as these can provide inaccurate and misleading information. Although no body composition measurement method can offer 100% accuracy, the BodPod Body Composition Tracking System provides accuracy within 1 to 2%. So whatever you do, be sure to select a method that will provide you with the accurate information needed for your good health.