Elite Plan Coaching

In today’s athletic market, computers and the internet are providing many ways to help endurance athletes’ improve themselves. The training plans written and provided by OES utilize the power of the internet and use a software company called PeaksWare (TrainingPeaks)as the background interface between the coach and client.

Desire a plan that is personalized? The Elite Plan Coaching offers one-on-one contact with a coach. This level of coaching allows for the daily change of workouts to fit training into the athlete’s life. With the ability to customize the plan on a frequent basis the coach can shift the plan around to optimize the training for the athlete’s goals. Client initiated phone and e-mail contact with coach allows for movement towards improvement. During the initial coaching consultation, coach and client determine goals and specific modes of training. Each month after, coach and client look at the month ahead to plan out the training with the client’s end goals in mind. This takes the stress away from a life of “Can I meet my training goals with my busy work and family schedule?”

Plan includes:

  • Month2Month Coaching contract
  • Initial Coaching Consultation to determine structure of client program
  • Training Planning based on specific client goals
    • This level of coaching allows for the ability to change workouts, as needed, to fit into the athlete’s busy schedule
  • OES Training Manual sent as electronic resource
  • Unlimited E-mail and Phone Follow-Ups, client initiated
  • Use of online coaching and training log interface, TrainingPeaks
    • Access to the plan by username and password
      • Client will be a Basic user with the option to upgrade to Premium via self pay through TrainingPeaks
    • Tools for Nutrition tracking and planning
    • Upload your training device
    • Keep a journal of your training and view graphs to monitor progress
  • Coaching Consultation (1 hour each month)
    • Client and coach time together for use as client deems necessary

Please visit the Coaching Plans Pricing page by clicking the link below for more details on costs for this ‘Top Level’ style of coaching

Coaching Plans Pricing