Appointment Information for Lactate Threshold (LT) Testing

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Lactate threshold testing should be done in a well-rested physical state. The following criteria must be adhered to prior to an LT test in order to determine accurate physiological values:

    1. No exercise the day of the LT test.
    2. No exercise the day prior to the LT test if possible. If this is not possible, then a very light bout of exercise will be acceptable. Have at least 20 hours of rest before testing.
    3. The LT test will preferably be after a week of recovery so that your accumulated training fatigue is low. An LT test should not be performed in a high volume and/or intensity training week.
    4. Treat the LT test as a very high quality training session and follow your same nutritional preparation schedule including adequately hydrating yourself. This means you should plan to be well fed within 2 hours of the appointment.
    5. Choose the testing modality (bike or run) in the sport that you have the most proficiency.

Items to Bring:

      1. Appropriate clothing and shoes for your bike or run LT test.
      2. Your personal Road bike or mountain bike with slick (no knobbies) on rear if you are doing your LT test on your bike.
      3. Your personal heart rate monitor if you have one.
      4. Water bottle and recovery beverage or food.
      5. Your personal music CD or music player if desired.

* Shower provided in RV during summer months and changing area year round. Locker rooms at facilities for run tests.

Time Commitment: Your LT test will be scheduled for 2.5 hours. This includes warm-up, the test, and consultation time to interpret your results. You will not be required to reach a maximal effort during this test.

Waiver and Medical History Form: Below is a form to complete prior to the testing appointment.  We will received your submitted form to review and prepare for your appointment. Getting this several days prior to the appointment is greatly appreciated. If you have troubles, please let us know. You should receive a Thank You confirmation page when the form is submitted correctly.

Exercise Testing/Older Athlete – Physicians Approval Form

Used for individuals whose age is ≥45males / ≥55 females. See criteria listed below