Lactate Threshold

Lactate Test

A lactate threshold test consists of a graded exercise protocol to simulate increased workload on the individual. This test can be done easily on a bike or treadmill and generally is 30-45 minutes in length. This test should be completed at the end of a recovery period so that the overall training fatigue is low and can be considered part of the training. The appearance of lactate in blood is measured from a pin prick on the finger with an analyzer that gives a reading in mmol/L (millimoles per liter).

At a cellular level when the processes of fuel production increase the cell becomes more acidic due to the buildup of H+ (hydrogen with a positive charge) and this is termed acidosis. This acidosis upsets the balance of the cell and to manage or buffer it shuttles the H+ outside to the blood stream with the help from lactate. Once in the blood stream it is called blood lactate and this is what is being measured in the test. The body manages the blood lactate by removal through breath, sweat and urine as well as a fuel source.

The lactate threshold test is determining the point at which the human body falls behind in buffering and struggles to stay efficient. Above this marker the production of byproducts far outpaces the removal and this leads toward the inability to continue increased intensity for extended periods of time. Knowing this point can assist in setting up training zones to optimize recovery as well as the lactate threshold.

Lactate Threshold Test

Test available for Cyclists in our mobile lab and Runners on a treadmill at several locations. Appointments made for 2.5 hour time blocks and online forms of  protocol, medical history and waiver, are provided via a link in a e-mailed confirmation of a scheduled appointment. We’ll look to get the submitted forms prior to your appointment. These forms assist in your preparation for test day

Test includes:

  • Graphing of Zones for visual presentation and explanation
  • Determination of threshold by blood drawn from finger during a graded exercise test
  • Test done on cyclists own bike and or clients own treadmill. Two Treadmill locations available for runners that don’t own their own

Pricing and Scheduling of a Lactate Threshold test

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Pricing and Scheduling