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Blake Frye

  • Age: 42
  • Race Category: MTB XC-Marathon
  • Years Competing: 7 riding/2 racing
  • Top Goal or Event: Leadville 100 in under 11hrs
  • Race Results: Leadville 100 (will be adding more)

I’ve been an endurance roadie for the last 7 years and decided to start riding on dirt last season. Ended up riding a lot with several of the guys already on OES so I thought it would be cool to make it official and meet the rest of the team. My son Korben(9) is also excited to race with the Junior Team. The rest of our family of 5… Marty(wife), Kenzie(12) & Kamden(7)… live in Ken Caryl and love to spend as much time in the mountains hiking, skiing & snowshoeing as possible. Looking forward to the camaraderie and taking my mountain biking to the next level this year!