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Dan Wyszynski

  • Age: 42
  • Race Category: Expert MTB and Cat. 2 Cross
  • Years Competing: 15+ years riding/racing and going into my 3rd Season of Cyclocross
  • Top Goal or Event: Complete my first MTB Stage race-Breck Epic and finishing strong in CX races in 2013 as I upgrade to a Cat. 2/ Open 35+
  • Race Results: Breck Epic 3 day for 2013

I moved to Colorado in May of 2000 to ride my bikes in the mountains and get out of Illinois suburbs. Completely envious of how fast everyone is here, I decided to give bike racing a try and did okay for the few races I did. The last 3-4 years, I am proud to say that I have evolved into one of those fast guys. Being able to hang with my mates on OES and other competitors and even some podium finishes in the talent pool of Colorado cycling is pretty inspiring and motivating.
In 2011, I decided to give Cyclocross racing a go and found myself suffering but with a smile. Week after week, I got better, honed my skills and let my athleticism take me to a season that was a win-win situation, finishing in 2nd place at Colorado Cross State Championships 35+/4.
In, 2012 I decided to give Cyclocross a more serious go-get a spare/pit bike and ride my cross bike all day everyday, train, CX mini camp. Started racing CX in Sept. 2012 all the way to Mid-December 2012, literally every weekend and sometimes back to back days. What an amazing time it turned out to be…Finishing 2nd overall at Boulder Racing CX Series Cat. 3/35+ and winning the overall of the 2012 Colorado Cross Cup Series Individual Cat. 3/35+ and winning the overall in the Team Classification in the same 2012 Colorado Cross Cup Series Cat.3/35+ (with the help OES mate Cary Dunn)….
In 2014, I hope to go to the US Cyclocross National Championships in Boulder Colorado/Valmont Bike Park.
Cycling is now a lifestyle for me. It makes me happy, sad, healthy, and offers wonderful memories of times with friends old and new and the smells of the fresh air and the great outdoors. Whats not to love about it!!!!!