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Dean Cahow

  • Age: 54
  • Race Category: MtB Cat 1, Road Cat 4
  • Years Competing: Plenty as a little kid, more now as a big kid
  • Top Goal or Event: This is my first season riding/racing singlespeed mtb -- my primary focus is to conceal my tears and keep the pedals turning throughout the Rocky Mt Endurance Marathon Series and the Breck Epic 6-day stage race
  • Race Results: Rocky Mt Endurance Series marathon races (Apr 21 - Voodoo Fire [15th place MSS], May 5 -Ridgeline Rampage, May 19 - Battle The Bear, July 14 - Breck100, Aug 5 - PV Cycle Derby). June 2 - The Burn MtB TT. June 10 - Sunshine HC (road). July 1 - Horgan HC (road). July 21 - Mt Evans HC (road). Aug 12 thru 17 - Breck Epic mtb stage race.

2012 is my 20th season in fantasy land (racing bikes)! Patiently enabled by my wife, Claire, the fantasy is based in Evergreen, where we raised our family. Before that it had taken me a couple decades to make it from Detroit to Colorado but I got here as soon as I could. Nordic skis, mountain bikes and road bikes are my vehicles to Colorado’s grand and therapeutic spaces, where awe and inspiration abound for the taking.