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Debbie Murray

  • Age: 40
  • Race Category: Cat 2 MTB, Cat 4 Road & CX
  • Years Competing: 3
  • Top Goal or Event: This is my 1st year doing the complete RME series and I'd love to podium with series points; Each year, I try to beat my prior hill climb times for WP and Mt. Evans.
  • Race Results: April 21st - RME Voodoo HM 4th 4:19:33; May 5th - RME Ridgeline Rampage HM 3rd 2:50:33; May 19th - RME Battle of the Bear HM; June 9th WP Hill Climb; July 15th - RME B-32; July 21st Mt. Evans Hill Climb; Aug 5th - RME PV Cycle Derby HM;

I was introduced to mountain biking many years ago kicking and screaming. Spent a lot of time picking my lungs up off the trail and nursing wounds. But then, I caught that crazy biking disease and it’s been all downhill since then! I love the camaraderie that this sport brings even though it is mainly an individual event and am in awe at the strength and talent that other riders bring to the sport. I dabble in road and CX races to mix it up a bit and keep the fun going even during the off season!