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Gary Zellner

  • Age: 46
  • Race Category: Cat 2 mountain bike
  • Years Competing: 7 years cycling/4th year XC MTB
  • Top Goal or Event: Leadville Trail 100 in less than 9 hrs
  • Race Results: June 1-2 24 Hrs of E-Rock (5 man Team), June 16th Bailey Hundo, July 15th Breckenridge 68, August 11th Leadville Trail 100.

Gary is a Product Development Program Manager in the data storage industry. He gets tons of support from his two daughters and extended family. Gary’s interest in endurance activities started with hiking 14ers and running. After completing most of the Colorado 14ers, more than a dozen 1/2 marathons and 3 full marathons some buddies turned his attention to cycling. It’s been his primary hobby ever since. He started riding recreationally in 2005. 2011 will be Gary’s fourth year of MTB racing with OES.