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Rob Lockey

  • Age: 41
  • Race Category: Single Speed
  • Years Competing: Lifetime cyclist, last 16 years XC MTB with a focus of endurance events
  • Top Goal or Event: Finish the RME Marathon Series on the podium
  • Race Results: February 4th-Single Speed Arizona Placed in the top 1/4th of the field April 21-RME#1 Voodoo Fire SS/21st May 5-RME#2 Ridgeline Rampage SS/5th June 3-RME#3 Battle the Bear SS/8th June 16-Bailey Hundo SS/6th July 4-Firecracker 50 Male Team 16th July 15-RME#4 B-100 August 5-RME#5 PV Derby

2011 marked Rob’s first full season with a Single Speed MTB. It was a great challenge and brought new life to the sport for him. For 2012 he is on the same bike and has stepped up the racing to include the RME Marathon Series and the Bailey Hundo.