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Body composition
Bodpod- If you are in need of body composition testing for weight management please visit to find information about testing. The Bod Pod is a great tool for reliable, repeatable results. [ See promo ]

Bike shop


The BikeSource at the south east corner of University and County Line in Highlands Ranch has to be one of the best run retail bike shops around. They are very good at building relationships with their customers in areas of sales and service. The store has a big open layout and is always clean.

Fitness Center

Pearce Family Wellness

Peak Performance


Paul Gunst- [ view full bio ]

Paul has been working on me for many years now and has surprised me with many findings during a session. I can remember one specific find being that my seat height must have changed between two visits due to the soreness I hadn’t experienced before in my knees. He suggested that I double check my fit and come to find out that my seat was an inch lower. This left me quite impressed.


Kathy Zawadski-303.902.9605-has more than two decades of experience in the health and fitness profession working as an exercise physiologist, sports nutritionist, and cycling and multi-sport coach. She has earned a master’s degree in Exercise Science from the University of Texas at Austin and is certified by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) as a Health and Fitness Instructor. She is a licensed Sports Nutritionist. Her diverse background includes 2 years as a member of the sports science team at the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colo., where she helped develop Olympic-caliber athletes.

She is a frequent contributor of health and fitness articles published on the Outdoor Life Network (OLN) Training Center and Her Sports magazine. Working with Carmichael Training Systems, she was a contributing author for the book Food for Fitness: Eat Right to Train Right (Putman, 2004). As a Sports Nutritionist, her clientele include all levels of competitors, including weekend warriors and highly competitive cyclists and multi-sport athletes.

Dr. Caroline Smith of SportSense Co. –

Passionate is a far cry from how dedicated Dr. Caroline Smith is about the products she provides. If you’re looking to solve some personal energy equations and you know proper diet is the answer to a better body, let SportSense Co. direct you to the correct answers!

Sports Psychology

Andrea Wieland –

Andrea Wieland   M.B.A., Ph.D., 1996 Olympian 303.507.9596
Specializing in Business and Sport Psychology Performance Plans and Mental Health Counseling. With a comprehensive understanding of the competitive spirit, Wieland knows what it takes to be an inspiring leader and contributing team member. A 1996 Olympic field hockey team member, and 2008 inductee into The University of Iowa’s Athletic Hall of Fame, Dr. Wieland is devoted to developing leaders and teams in sport, business and life. An expert in the psychology of excellence, leadership and teamwork, and passionate about helping others reach a performance-health balance, she has worked extensively with Division I college athletes and coaches for over 15 years, as well as business leaders in Fortune 100 companies, teaching them systems to win.

Swim analysis

SwimLabs –

Looking for that next best swim lesson? Tired of sharing lanes? If you haven’t tried swim analysis in an endless pool, then give this business a call or click. Mike, Giff and staff will treat you right and direct you towards improvement, fast.


Whole Body Fitness

Peggy Green is president and owner of Whole Body Fitness, located in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. She is a Licensed Wellness Coach from Wellcoaches Corporation and a Certified Health and Fitness Instructor from the American College of Sports Medicine. She helps clients reach their ideal self in health and fitness through Wellness and Personal Training Strategies.

Peggy’s desire is to transform her clients’ lives by helping them solve problems, reduce the risk of diabetes, cancer, hypertension and heart disease. Generally, strategy sessions take place over the phone, using wellness visions and goal setting to support clients in achieving lifelong behavior modifications in the areas of weight loss, smoking cessation, proper nutrition, stress management and reduction, regular exercise and life balance.

Education/certification links

Metropolitan State University of Denver

American College of Sports Medicine

National Strength and Conditioning Association or

USA Cycling

Event sites

Rocky Mountain sports

Warriors Cycling-Rocky Mountain Endurance series

Winter Park Race Series

American Cycling Association

Bicycle Colorado

International Mountain Biking Association