Paul Gunst, C.M.T.

Paul Gunst, C.M.T.
Hybrid Healing Massage

Graduating from Colorado School of Healing Arts in December 2001 with a Sports Certification, Paul Gunst is a Certified Massage Therapist (C.M.T.) with more than 10 years of experience. Paul return to CSHA in January 2008 to work on his Associates Degree in Massage Therapy.

Paul has been working in some of Denver’s top gyms and spas since 2001(Cherry Creek Athletic Club, Greenwood Athletic Club, Heaven Spa in Vail, to name a few), while maintaining a great clientele at his home office.

“The way I see it, we are all athletes. Each and every person that I have had the opportunity to work with has taught me how diverse we all really are. Among the reasons for our diverse makeup is based upon our activities we participate in. With my skills as a C.M.T., I see how an everyday activity, like walking, running, and even breathing requires muscle movement. I think we know by now that research shows that the body does like one thing–CONSISTENCY. Constant movement is happening, and when one muscle shortens, another is lengthening. Athletes know that they perform at their best when they have balance and symmetry. Well, combine that with maximizing range of motion and mindful movement and you have a body at top performance!”

My goal, custom massage based upon what your body needs. Got an injury? No problem… By using many different modalities including various hydrotherapies, neuromuscular, sports, and healing touch to name a few, we get your body back to perfect symmetry. The consistency of having the body re-centered teaches the muscles to lengthen and shorten to their natural state. The brain responds by eventually letting the body lose its traumas and before you realize it, the pain is gone and perfect movement is once again attainable.

Have table will travel…..absolutely!! Make an appointment and I provide professional, top notch massage in your home or other pre-designated location.

Paul is available by appointment only
Cell: 303-579-7954 (Please leave me a message. I return calls promptly)