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Lactate Threshold

Thank you for your interest in a Lactate Threshold test with Optimize Endurance Services. To prepare for your test there are a few items to take care of. These items will help you understand the protocol of the test. Above all if you don’t understand or have an issue with the documents below, please contact us immediately.

  • Plan on eating well at a minimum of two hours before your test
    • This is important due to the nature of the graded exercise test you will be performing, test lasts around 45minutes and the intensity gets high near the end of the test. being well feed will assist in the high intensity portion.
  • Bike tests require you to bring your bike to the Mobile lab. Road, TT or MTB (must have a slick on the rear wheel)
    • Cycling attire is recommended
  • Run tests require the use of your treadmill or an OES partner facility
    • Running attire is recommended
  • Please open the appropriate document below to fill out, ‘save as’ your name and send to
  • Male 44 years/Female 54 years of age and younger
  • Male 45 years/Female 55 years of age and older

We look forward to working with you.