OES Team 2012

Scott Baca

I have been Mountain Biking for the past 25 years. I enjoy the outdoors and Mountain Biking allows me to spend time outdoors while getting in shape. Being part of the Mountain Biking Racing community allows me to provide support to my friends as well. Whether I am performing well or watching a friend take the race, I achieve satisfaction watching someone recognize their potential from their training. Offseason provides a great opportunity for snowboarding, snowshoeing and strength training. I look forward to meeting many new friends on the trails this year.

Voytek Bobak

Dragged the missus to Colorado back in ’94 for the biking. She’s now queen of long distance road rides. Dragging the daughter (Olivia age 8) biking by helping sponsor the BS-OES Jr riding team.

Sean Brennan

I’m looking forward to my 4th year with OES. Cycling for me is about having fun, staying fit, and hanging out with cool people. My goal this year is to ride more and race longer. Longer riders always make the post ride beer taste better!

Dean Cahow

2012 is my 20th season in fantasy land (racing bikes)! Patiently enabled by my wife, Claire, the fantasy is based in Evergreen, where we raised our family. Before that it had taken me a couple decades to make it from Detroit to Colorado but I got here as soon as I could. Nordic skis, mountain bikes and road bikes are my vehicles to Colorado’s grand and therapeutic spaces, where awe and inspiration abound for the taking.

Steve Como

Cycling has been very very good to me! Words by, Chico Esquala. I also enjoy golf, fly fishing and comedy!

Scott Conner

I am married and have 2 kids, I love the outdoors flyfishing, sking, cycling. I love cycling because of the fittness and the comradery it provides.

Liz Dunkleberger

married with 3 kids, husband is a road and mountain bike racer, dentist in highlands ranch

Cary Dunn

Love to race CycloCross,nothing like beating and banging bars and elbows with 60 other freaks in the snow and mud for 45 min every weekend!Helps clear the mind and good for the soul.

Kristi Fitzgerald

Kristi enjoys living a healthy life with a balance between work and play. Her interests are biking, running, soccer, swimming, crossfit and spending time with her kids and friends. Kristi’s friends tease her because of how much she loves all of her bikes. They think it’s strange. Kristi is hoping to purchase a cyclocross bike this year.

Jeffrey Gardner

In addition to cycling, I love starting and helping people start and grow new businesses. Currently the CEO of Zen Planner, a software company that helps fitness studios run all aspects of their business. In my free time, I spend as much time outdoors with the family as possible – riding, skiing, camping and coaching kids sports. Best day is a long ride through the rockies ending with beers at a Colorado brewery.

Anna Gardner

I purchased my first mountain bike in 1988 and I have loved biking ever since. I competed in my first two MTB races in 2009 and then my first cyclocross race in 2010. When you can’t find me out on the trail with my friends, I’m busy doing something with my husband and three children (ages 11, 8, and 6) and even then, there’s usually bikes involved.

Chris Graves

I’m a software engineer in the data storage industry, and most of my cycling miles come from commuting to work as much as possible. For weekend riding though, nothing beats getting out into the woods on some sweet singletrack. I’m not training extensively in 2012, choosing instead more family time and a relaxed approach to the events I’ve entered this year– just looking to gain racing experience, improve technique and have fun

Jeremy Henn

The 2012 MTB season will be Jeremy’s “continued” 1st experience with competitive cycling due to a crash and collar bone surgery early season 2011. Jeremy competed in 5 Winter Park Race Series races before pulling a superman and ending his 2011 season. Prior to the WP Race Series, his cycling experience was limited to an annual Cruiser Pub Crawl for cancer that he has helped to run for the past 6 years, though he is confident that the demanding urban course through the bars of DU and Wash Park will continue to help prepare him for the rigors of XC racing. While not riding with friends and the OES team, Jeremy enjoys surfing in Mexico and Centeral America, golf, concerts and travel. Jeremy lives in Park Hill with his wife Shannon, their dog “Beef” and is the Director of Development for School of Rock.

Greg Holick

I am married to the love of my life Tracy and have two beautiful daughters Grace and Noel. My motto is live to ride to live….Work hard Play hard. I travel a lot so I take my Ibis Tranny with me all over the world so I can Ride wherever I am, and this has been quite an experience.

Ernie Johnson

I am 46 years old and have been mountain bike racing for 5 year. My progression has been from short races to the longer endurance series type races and I would eventually like to participate in the Colorado Trail Race. I think my future in mountain biking will be in more adventure type events like the Trans Rockies and the Crocodile Trophy. I have been married to Sandy for 23 years and have 3 children ages 18, 14 and 12.

Marc Kerman

This is my second year of racing with OES/Bike Source. I love the camaraderie and competitiveness of the team and have expanded my goals for 2012. Until racing can pay the bills, I am an anesthesiologist by day. I have a wife (Beth) who is both my riding buddy and my biggest fan and two amazing teenage daughters (Payge and Nicole). When I’m not riding, I’m usually outdoors hiking, skiing, snowboarding, x-c skiing or running.

Mike Lobojko

I’ve been mountain bike riding with OES for a few years and it’s been a lot of fun. It’s a good group of riders. Most of the racing I’ve done has been XC races in the Winter Park Series. I thought it’d be fun to try something different and began training for some XTERRA’s.

Rob Lockey

2011 marked Rob’s first full season with a Single Speed MTB. It was a great challenge and brought new life to the sport for him. For 2012 he is on the same bike and has stepped up the racing to include the RME Marathon Series and the Bailey Hundo.

Larry Manchester

The Manchester family is about to embark on year 5 with Team OES! As I steal as much time as I can from my family and busy life to train, I look back on how much I’ve enjoyed this past 5 years making new friends, having a blast competing in the best mountain bike races in the country and being a part of a Team that has grown from 6 in 2008 to over 40 this year. With an overly optimistic year of racing ahead of me, I look forward to the camaraderie, competition and support of BIG BLUE Team OES! See you on the trail…

Dennie McGarry

I am an avid cyclist of Cross, Mountain, Road and enjoy endurance as well as short races. My wife, Susan, and I have three little girls, all who ride – Anna (9), Elizabeth (7) and Maggie (4). We live in Ken Caryl and have an amazing area to ride trails and roads.

Debbie Murray

I was introduced to mountain biking many years ago kicking and screaming. Spent a lot of time picking my lungs up off the trail and nursing wounds. But then, I caught that crazy biking disease and it’s been all downhill since then! I love the camaraderie that this sport brings even though it is mainly an individual event and am in awe at the strength and talent that other riders bring to the sport. I dabble in road and CX races to mix it up a bit and keep the fun going even during the off season!

David Sardinta

Dave is a Retired Disable Vet (USMC) trying to live through his first year of endurance racing. He enjoys time with his wife and their grand kids and hopes to introduce them to the world of cycling.

Carlos Vulgamott

Carlos is an avid cyclist, you can be certain to see him out racing most weekends.

Gary Zellner

Gary is a Product Development Program Manager in the data storage industry. He gets tons of support from his two daughters and extended family. Gary’s interest in endurance activities started with hiking 14ers and running. After completing most of the Colorado 14ers, more than a dozen 1/2 marathons and 3 full marathons some buddies turned his attention to cycling. It’s been his primary hobby ever since. He started riding recreationally in 2005. 2011 will be Gary’s fourth year of MTB racing with OES.