OES Team 2013

Mike Angus

Mike is married to Melisa with 15 year old twins – Thomas and Darcy. He is originally from the North East of England and has been in Denver for 9 years now. After years of playing competitive football (soccer) and squash he is ready for new challenges

Voytek Bobak

Wassup people? I’m an Orthodontist with a passion for road and MTB. Living the Colorado dream with a supportive bikers wife Darlyne and daughter Olivia. Go OES!

Martin Bogle

Martin rediscovered his love for biking in 2011 (after a 10 year hiatus) when he and his wife Nicole moved to Colorado from NYC for a lifestyle change. These previous city slickers are quickly becoming outdoor enthusiasts. 2012 was Martin’s first year mountain bike racing and he is now hooked. When Martin is not riding he enjoys snowboarding, running, hiking, and Pilates. 2013 will be Martin’s first year with OES and he is looking forward to training and racing with the team.

Sean Brennan

I’m happy to be part of the OES team for a fifth year. My goals for 2013 are to race hard and have fun. A sub 4:30 in the Firecracker 50 would be a nice bonus.

J Bretz

Rode hard as a youngster, killed my road bike doing urban cyclo-cross before I knew there was such a sport. I promptly abandoned my bike at age 16, for cars, girls and partying. I rediscovered the bike at age 32. Completed my best year ever in 2012, and making the big move from Sport to Expert class in 2013. J is the owner of Excel Roofing, an OES Team Sponsor. Excel Roofing is a residential roofing company that also installs Solar Shingles, insulation, windows, and siding.

Sampson Bruesewitz

I love the freedom and exploration riding provides! I am thankful God gave me this passion and enjoy the opportunities and challenges it presents!

Dean Cahow

Twenty-one years racing mountain bikes in Colorado. Wicked good times! Summer is for riding, winter is for biathlon and skate-ski racing. Family enthusiasm for the outdoors and the competitive spirit make it all tremendous fun. 2013 will be my second seasn racing singlespeed. 2012 on one gear was a right riot. More and better of the same for 2013 is what I’m focused on.

Steve Como

I enjoy riding and getting out to explore new trails and views.

Liz Dunkleberger

I am married with three children, ages 12, 9, and 7. I enjoy spending time with my family and stay busy with the kids activities. My husband is spending the summer road racing. I am new to bike racing and entered my first race this last summer, racing an HRCA backcountry circuit race.

Adam Fivehouse

Cycling has been a central part of my life for the past seven years. It has introduced me to many new parts of Colorado and the US, parts that are best appreciated while on two wheels. I love the fact that no matter how fit or fast we become there is always a new challenge around the next bend, or over the next hill, to humble us.

Blake Frye

I’ve been an endurance roadie for the last 7 years and decided to start riding on dirt last season. Ended up riding a lot with several of the guys already on OES so I thought it would be cool to make it official and meet the rest of the team. My son Korben(9) is also excited to race with the Junior Team. The rest of our family of 5… Marty(wife), Kenzie(12) & Kamden(7)… live in Ken Caryl and love to spend as much time in the mountains hiking, skiing & snowshoeing as possible. Looking forward to the camaraderie and taking my mountain biking to the next level this year!

Jeff Gardner

Jeff does not go anywhere without his bicycle. Be it a mountain, road, or cross bike, you will find him on it. He enjoys endurance racing as well as leisurely ‘epic’ rides with his friends and family. Jeff prefers longer endurance races. When not on the bike, Jeff enjoys spending time outdoors with his wife and three kids or growing his business – Zen Planner.

Chris Graves

I’m a software engineer in the data storage industry, and most of my cycling miles come from commuting to work as much as possible. For weekend riding though, nothing beats getting out into the woods on some sweet singletrack. I’m not training extensively in 2013, choosing instead more family time and a relaxed approach to the events I’ve entered this year– just looking to gain racing experience, improve technique and have fun.

Stevan Gyetvai

I’ve been cycling since the late 1980’s and started XC MTB racing in the 1990’s. Mountain biking has been a source of balance in my life for over 20 years. Outside of cycling my interests and profession revolve around Cartography, GIS and Geology. I am looking forward to riding and racing with OES for a second year.

Yousef Hamzeh

I’m a Metro State graduate with an Engineering degree, I work in Down Town and ride my bike to work as much as I can. I have a fifteen year old girl and a 6 months old girl. I also have a 13 year old boy that I’ll be introducing him to MTB this year I hope. My wife Kelli been a great support for the cycling I’ve been doing. Cycling been great to me this past year as it helped me lose weight (36 lbs) and stay fit.

Jeremy Henn

Jeremy is a native of Maryland and lives in Park Hill with his wife Shannon and their dog “Beef”. He works for School of Rock as the Director of Development and is responsible for new school development in the western U.S., South America and Asia. While not riding with friends and the OES team, Jeremy enjoys surfing in Mexico and Centeral America, golf, concerts and travel.

Greg Holick

Happily Married with 2 beautiful daughters I Travel a bit for my work and take an Ibis Tranny with me wherever I go. I have gotten to ride Single Track in Germany, Belgium, Australia, Maylasia, France, and Canada and I use it a lot instead of renting a car. I love to ski and snow bike in the winter and I like to take the family camping too. I have done the LT100 3 times now with a personal best last year of 8:28

Matt Hollas

A husband of one (Sarah) and a father of two (Jake – 7 and Ben – 4).
I have been active in cycling for over 23 years and I can’t think of anything that I would rather do. I recently took on the challenge of 24 hour solo rides and this year (2013) I am going t attempt two seperate 24 hour solo mtb races.
Sarah enjoys triathalons (which I will never participate in!). My two boys, also enjoy mountain biking and are looking forward to many rides and races this year.

Mark Holman

My wife and I recently moved to the Boulder area to take advantage of all the activities the mountains have to offer. I love all things 2-wheel related and look forward to riding lots of miles both on and off road with the OES team.

Wade Housewright

Last year I shifted gears from a roadie weekend warrior to a weekend rookie MTB racer. The camaraderie, coaching and team support from OES were instrumental in helping me complete the Bailey Hundo, Leadville Trail 100 and other shorter races last year. Watch for my boys, Teigan (9y) and Tagger (7y) on the OES Junior Team, and my supportive/tolerant wife Karen out on the trail! Life is better on two wheels!

Will Jenkins

Enjoy riding with my wife, Alex, and our two sons Sam and Thomas.

Ernie Johnson

Ernie is lifetime outdoor enthusiast. He has been blessed to have the support and love of his family for all his endeavors, Sandy is wife for 23 years, children Abby 13, Jacob 14 and Allie 19. Ernie is looking forward to new mountain bike events that will challenge his mental and physical abilities. Events like the La Ruta in Costa Rica and the Crocodile Challenge in Australia. Being part of the OES family has made it possible for him to imagine these types of challenges and he enjoys the commaraderie of his teammates.

Clark Johnson

Cycling has been a great family activity and exercise.

Marc Kerman

This is is my third year with OES. Each year I have tried to set more ambitious goals and this year is no exception. With my sights set on standing atop the podium this year, I’m thankful to have great teammates who continue to push me to my limit and encourage me to be the best I can be. I work as an anesthesiologist in Denver and when I’m not riding, I’m usually hiking or skiing. I have two teenage daughters, Payge and Nicole, who are my biggest fans.

Paul Kruger

“It doesn’t get any easier…you just get faster” -John Tomac

Hunter Linder

I am 17 years old, and I am always ambitious to ride any single track or trail I can find. I love technical trails as well as long flowing single track which in turn, gives a love for Enduro riding, as well as cross country alike. I love the outdoors and can’t stand being inside, knowing that I could be getting some great saddle time. I also enjoy flying aircraft of any kind, as well as playing piano. My family as well as my girlfriend, support me with this fantastic sport, and they’re also supportive with the decision to join OES. I am excited to share my passion of cycling with OES, as well as building close relationships with other team members, while participating as much as possible in the process

Mike Lobojko

I’ve been mountain bike riding with OES for several years and it’s been a lot of fun. It’s a good group of riders. Most of the racing I’ve done has been XC races in the Winter Park Series. I started training for XTERRA’s last year and want to give it another shot in 2013. I have three kids and a wife who enjoys training and racing triathlons and running races.

Rob Lockey

Rob enjoys spending time with his wife Elaine, who is a pillar of support for his endeavors in his career and his joy of cycling. Rob most recently finished his sixteenth year racing mountain bikes and placed fourth in the RME SS category as well as 3rd in the B-100 and 8th at the marathon nationals. GO OES!

Larry Manchester

Larry is looking forward to training and racing with longtime team mates and new additions. Endurance racing is the call for 2013! So I’ll be seeking out other OES team members with similar goals to join me on long rides around our incredible training grounds.

Dennie McGarry

Cycling and my family have been my passions. I have three little girls who inspire me everyday. I ride as often as possible – spring, summer, fall, and winter. Cross, Mountain, and Road. I hope to continue to improve performance in 2013.

Mike Moreland

Mike recently got engaged to his “No.1 Crew Bunny”, Jennifer, and loves to ride bikes w/her when not training and racing. He thinks this will be his 16th year racing which started soon after he bought a 1997 Specialized Stumpy HT in bass boat blue. “Official” training for my A race starts after the Broncos season ends, so it may have to wait until February the way things are going. Go Broncos!

Jessica Mullins

I am relatively new to mountain biking (about 2 1/2 years) and even newer to racing. But, I’m hooked!! I did my first race in 2012 – the Peaceful Valley Derby Half Marathon – and I did great, surprising myself! It intrigued me to do the whole RME series this year.
I love introducing my 4 1/2 year old daughter to the things I love – skiing, mountain biking, hiking, climbing, swimming. My husband, Dan, loves to mountain bike too, and I love when we get the chance to go on “date rides.”

Debbie Murray

I am happy that this is my 3rd year with OES and that we have shared so many successes together as a team. This is a supportive and fun team and I attribute my own success to the camaraderie and support that I received while training and racing with a group of riders that share the same passion that I do.

My boys are members of the OES Junior team and I love the time we spend together seeking out new trails and adventures with the other kids.

Lance Risi

Contribute to the OES Team Over All and Enjoy spending time outdoors running, cycling, Trail Running & Snow Shoeing. Hills are never easy… they just get faster!

David Sardinta

Dave is a Retired Disable Vet (USMC) trying to live through his first year of endurance racing. He enjoys time with his wife and their grand kids and hopes to introduce them to the world of cycling.

Derek Scott

Derek enjoys cycling very much – mostly MT and CX. He is more of an endurance rider because it takes an hour at least to get warmed up – which is about when most local races end. He has three kids who frequently ride with him.

Carlos Vulgamott

Carlos enjoys vacation time with his wife Erica and just relaxing around the house. He also enjoys music, live shows, skate skiing, and is a big proponent of the plant powered life style.

Dan Wyszynski

I moved to Colorado in May of 2000 to ride my bikes in the mountains and get out of Illinois suburbs. Completely envious of how fast everyone is here, I decided to give bike racing a try and did okay for the few races I did. The last 3-4 years, I am proud to say that I have evolved into one of those fast guys. Being able to hang with my mates on OES and other competitors and even some podium finishes in the talent pool of Colorado cycling is pretty inspiring and motivating.
In 2011, I decided to give Cyclocross racing a go and found myself suffering but with a smile. Week after week, I got better, honed my skills and let my athleticism take me to a season that was a win-win situation, finishing in 2nd place at Colorado Cross State Championships 35+/4.
In, 2012 I decided to give Cyclocross a more serious go-get a spare/pit bike and ride my cross bike all day everyday, train, CX mini camp. Started racing CX in Sept. 2012 all the way to Mid-December 2012, literally every weekend and sometimes back to back days. What an amazing time it turned out to be…Finishing 2nd overall at Boulder Racing CX Series Cat. 3/35+ and winning the overall of the 2012 Colorado Cross Cup Series Individual Cat. 3/35+ and winning the overall in the Team Classification in the same 2012 Colorado Cross Cup Series Cat.3/35+ (with the help OES mate Cary Dunn)….
In 2014, I hope to go to the US Cyclocross National Championships in Boulder Colorado/Valmont Bike Park.
Cycling is now a lifestyle for me. It makes me happy, sad, healthy, and offers wonderful memories of times with friends old and new and the smells of the fresh air and the great outdoors. Whats not to love about it!!!!!

Gary Zellner

I started road riding about 8 years ago and joined the team to improve my cycling skills and fitness. This is my 5th year with the OES MTB bike team. It’s been great meeting all sorts of new people that share my interests. Besides cycling, I like to spend my time with my two daughters (Sara 21 & Katie 19). Other activities include skiing, hiking, tennis, and working as a Program Manager in the Data Storage industry. In March ’13 I’m headed to France & Switzerland for 2 weeks to complete the Haute Route (backcountry 7 day hut-to-hut) ski trip. I’m very excited about that! This years race schedule will be less structured than in the past. I plan to race the Bailey Hundo and Firecracker 50 for certain. The rest of the schedule is still to be determined.